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Lionsgate Entertainment Quote Standees

OMD wanted to visually communicate their almost zealous dedication to the client brand and the extraordinary lengths the account team will go to in order to provide award-winning, out-of-the-box, non-traditional advertising, marketing and promotional opportunities during a major client meeting with Lionsgate Entertainment taking place at “The Oculus” Transportation Hub located at New York City’s famed World Trade Center.

The creative concept developed involved revealing OMD’s sentiments regarding their deep commitment to the Lionsgate account by expressing those feelings through script lines pulled from the client’s own movie and television productions.

Project Type: Print I Environmental

Firm: OMD / Omnicom Media Group,
New York, NY

Client: Lionsgate Entertainment,
Santa Monica, CA

Wil Gray: Art Direction | Creative Design | Creative Messaging

Creative Director: David Pitagorsky
Design Manager: Kevin McLaughlin
Project Manager: Bruno Soto

Combing through numerous pages on IMDB, we identified really cool quotes spoken by some of the more familiar characters from Lionsgate’s most popular productions that resinated with the passion OMD was trying to convey. These large, bold statements were then paired with stunning imagery from Lionsgate’s media archives.

Since hanging anything within the structure was not feasible for a one time meeting, approximately 6ft tall, free standing signs were created, positioned near the entrances and spread throughout the event space.